Join the children’s art club "Rasmus" at Astrup Fearnley Museet!


The children’s art club Rasmus is a free program for children between the age of 5 and 15. It takes place at the museum two Saturdays every month. Artists and museum educators introduce our younger visitors to modern and contemporary art in an accessible and engaging environment. Each session includes a guided museum tour followed by a hand-on workshop based on the theme of the day.

Please note: All Rasmus-programs are held in Norwegian.

Space is limited and we ask all participants to register one day before each event. To sign up, please e-mail us at



What is Pop Art?
21 January and 4 February

What is the connection between a cartoon, a giant kitch figure and a chocolate fountain? Pop Art can be presented in various ways, and the art is made from commercial items and cultural icons such as advertisements, movie stars and labels. How can this be art and what stories does these art works tell us? Join the Rasmus Club as we explore the adventures of Pop Art!


Takashi Murakami: Can comics be art?
18 February and 4 March

The Japanese cartoon style manga has been a great inspiration for the artist Takashi Murakami, and many of his unique characters could perhaps imitate the manga comics. What distinguishes manga comics from regular comics? Can comics be art? Join the Rasmus Club and let’s investigate Murakami’s captivating world of art together!


Art from Japan
18 March and 1 April

Takashi Murakami is interested in art from his home country Japan, and he collects ancient pottery jars, figurines and picture scrolls. His painting technique is also typical of Japanese art in which images are composed of many figures and shapes in fine patterns that does not necessarily resemble a realistic image. Explore Japanese art and culture with the Rasmus Club this Saturday!


Buddhism in art
29 April and 13 May

In his art, Takashi Murakami is concerned with ancient Japanese traditions, and he has made several art works inspired by the religion Buddhism. Many people in Japan are Buddhists, and they have their own customs and traditions that we shall become acquainted with! How and why has Murakami been inspired by Buddhism in his art? Can we also be inspired? The Rasmus Club seeks to find out how we can use old art traditions to create something new!

Chinese summer and family day!
10 June

What does art from China look like? China is one of the oldest existing civilizations with a very interesting history and culture. China has developed tremendously after people moved from the countryside to the urban cities. The Rasmus Club will examine how Chinese contemporary artists explore the Chinese history through various artworks made of fun materials and exciting designs!

This Saturday is also Family Day at Astrup Fearnley Museet with activities for children of all ages throughout the day!


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