Guided tours for school classes

Astrup Fearnley Collection
Recommended for all grades

Get to know our permanent collection of contemporary famous artists like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Anselm Kiefer. Here we can offer an introduction to different terms within contemporary art or provide thematic perspectives like English speaking tour on American contemporary art.


Recommended for Middle- and high school level

We offer a guided tour in the museum’s collection where we emphasise the term postmodernism and how this has been the expression in contemporary art from the 70ies and until today. The term postmodernism is used in many fields like for example philosophy, literature and art about a “break” with modernism’s universalism through introducing a critical attitude to “the big stories”. In art, the postmodern art grew as a reaction to modernisms formalism at the end of the 70ies. Postmodernist artists breaks down art’s elitist purism through dissolving the boundaries between original and copy, equate art and popular culture and challenge established “truths” about gender and ethnicity as seen in identity politics in the 80- and 90ies.


Temporary exhibitions
Recommended for all grades

The museum change exhibitions several times a year where one can experience thematic group exhibitions or comprehensive presentations on today’s great artists. Now we offer a tour in the exhibition Los Angeles – A Fiction that introduces 34 artists and 84 writers from the city’s art- and literature scene from the past 50 years. The artists in the exhibition represents those who have  created famous works that has become synonymous with LA to younger artists who gives a new and fresh look at the city.

Read more about current and future exhibitions


The Sculpture park and Renzo Piano’s architecture
Recommended for all grades

Come for a walk in the sculpture park where we introduce works from the Selvaag-collection and the iconic museum building by Renzo Piano. The tour is outdoors and is therefore available March-October.

It is possible to visit the museum without a guide, however we wish to receive notification of this a week in advance at

Cancellations must be notified at the latest 24 hours before booked time. If cancellation is not received, the school with be invoiced NOK 1050.

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