Join the children’s art club "Rasmus" at Astrup Fearnley Museet!


The children’s art club Rasmus is a free program for children between the age of 5 and 15. It takes place at the museum two Saturdays every month. Artists and museum educators introduce our younger visitors to modern and contemporary art in an accessible and engaging environment. Each session includes a guided museum tour followed by a hand-on workshop based on the theme of the day.


Note: Rasmus programs is held in Norwegian.

Space is limited and we ask all participants to register one day before each event. To sign up, please e-mail us at



Architecture in art

Date: 26. August and 2. September

Artists are often inspired by architecture and create artworks that can remind us of buildings. Perhaps you have seen buildings so lovely that they look like an artwork? Many of the sculptures in the exhibition Chinese Summer are inspired by architecture. What do you think they are made of? What does the artists want to say through making art inspired by buildings? The Rasmus club takes a closer look!


Time in art

Date: 30. September

We live in a time in constant change, where everything is supposed to happen as fast as possible. Instead of walking, most people drive a car, and factories are making our food and clothes so that we do not have to do it ourselves. What does time actually mean to us these days? Can we see these changes in art? Does slow artworks exist, and if so, what do they look like? Do we even have the time to talk about this? When looking at the Collection, The Rasmus club will try to find the answers to these current questions.



Date: 14. and 21. October 

We in the Rasmus club are familiar with the term art, but what is anti-art? Can we make an artwork without meaning? How far can the artist go before it is no longer a work of art? The artist Matias Faldbakken works with  these questions in his art. The Rasmus club will explore the meaning of anti-art.


Screen art

Date: 11. and 18 November 

Do you know what a screen is? There are many types of screens, such as a TV, an iPad, a board and a painting. How many screens do you have in your life? And is there a difference between the world inside and the world outside of the screen? The artist Matias Faldbakken is fascinated with screens and explores them in his art. This Saturday, the Rasmus club will explore Faldbakken’s screens!


Your favourite artwork

Date: 9. December 

Rasmus is looking forward to Christmas, but first he wishes to celebrate with you! This autumn we will have a poll where you can vote for the artworks in the Collection you wish to explore at the last gathering before Christmas. We are very excited to see which ones you choose! Which one is your favourite? Rasmus also heard some rumours about gingerbread!


Welcome to RASMUS!

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