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Behind the scenes: our installation crew

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Soon the exhibition #AlexIsrael comes to an end, and the group exhibition Los Angeles: A Fiction will be installed. It requires a huge team effort when Astrup Fearnley Museet install new exhibitions.
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Behind the scenes: Andrew Pike

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During the installation of the exhibition #AlexIsrael, Astrup Fearnley Museet had a visit from Alex Israel’s collaborating artists, Andrew Pike who works with the sceninc art department at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles. This is the man who transformed the white walls of the museum into dreamlike images of Los Angeles with hand-painted palm trees and pastel-colored sunsets. In this interview, we talk to Andrew about his exciting job, as one of the few remaining backdrop painters in the world!
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Plot/ Interview: Alex Israel

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Nathalie Maria Espelund and Tanja Anette Madeleine Silvestrini from Plot/TV met Alex Israel in his new exhibition #AlexIsrael at Astrup Fearnley Museet! Read about why sunglasses are important to the artist, and his advise to young, aspiring artist.
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Who is Alex Israel?

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These days there are intense work in the museum building next to the Oslo fjord – demolition, carrying, building, drawing and painting – all to create exhibition space for Astrup Fearnley Museet’s summer exhibition with the artist Alex Israel!
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Plot's interview with Matthew Barney

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When Matthew Barney visited Oslo this February in regards of the opening of the exhibition Bildungsroman, he met with Tanja Silvestrini and Nathalie Espelund from our youth art club Plot/Oslo, for a video interview about the exhibition. We met up with the two young art enthusiasts to find out what it was like to meet the famous artist and learn a bit more about Plot/Oslo.
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