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"L’Europe des Artistes" is a cultural project on an unprecedented scale: this is a multi-faceted research project unfolding into conferences, events, exhibitions, and publications, dedicated to young contemporary European artists. It is designed and developed in close collaboration, and over several years, by major European art institutions: Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo, Beyeler Foundation in Basel, LVHMs Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, and by the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The project "L’Europe des artistes" will result in a major exhibition bringing together artists from all over Europe, which will be presented from the year 2014 in the institutions that initiated it before travelling to other museums in Europe and the world.

This exhibition will be preceded by – and prepared through - a series of conferences that will start from the beginning of 2013 and will continue until the first opening of the exhibition in 2014. This program consists of thematic evenings to be held every two months during the years 2013 and 2014 in the different partner institutions, in Oslo, Paris, Basel and London. These evening lectures will be the first public manifestation of the project "Europe of artists. "

These conferences offer a first presentation of the state of the things in Europe today, by focusing through each session/evening on a specific theme: a city, a whole country or a European region in particular. Each evening, three emblematic personalities of the city, country or area taken into consideration will be invited to provide a detailed description, and discerning introductions and analysis of a European art scene, showing the audience what characterizes its energy, what are the issues which are specific to it, who are the artists and projects that define it today. These personalities will be artists as well as art critics, curators, theoreticians, magazine publishers, etc. 

These conferences are an essential step in achieving the overall project "Europe of artists" because a project of such an ambition cannot do without a large amount of time and a specific methodology dedicated to research, so as to pool knowledge, share and discuss ideas and information about art being made in the many centers of Europe today.

These conferences will take us on the many routes of contemporary Europe, leading to many different art scenes and to the most interesting, innovative and thought-provoking art being produced in Europe today. It will most certainly help everyone consider and understand the cultural nuances that make l’Europe des artistes so unique, and envision what tomorrow’s Europe will be. 

The first thematic evening takes place on 24 January 2013 at Astrup Fearnley Museet and looks at France. We have asked an artist/curator and two writers to portrait the new intellectual pulse in Paris. The ambition would be to actualize what has long been what defined Paris in the first place: the correspondences and relationships between different disciplines, different fields how Paris holds on to a culture of intellectualism, for better or worse. 

Critic, theoretician and film curator, CLARA SCHULMANN, will be joined by Thomas Boutoux, who is a curator, writer, and publisher. He is a founding member of castillo/corrales, a gallery and bookstore in Paris. JASON HWANG, American artist and curator, will also take part in the conference. Read more about the event here.

Further Spring 2013 program schedule includes:




SWITZERLAND May 23- The event is unfortunately canceled and postponed. It will held in September or October.

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