Installation views of 'Cindy Sherman - Untitled Horrors'

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The exhibition 'Cindy Sherman - Untitled Horrors' is partly arranged in wall collages. On our blog, you are now able to browse through installation views of the exhibition.

The exhibition is composed to emphasize the unsettling, disturbing and grotesque aspects of Sherman's work. Cindy Sherman liked the choice of this theme, which led to a close collaboration and strong commitment from her side. She participated in the assembly and composition of the exhibition. 

'Untitled Horrors' includes photos in a period of 30 years. The way the images are assembled in the exhibition have not been done before. The wall collages are forming a dialogue between images from different series and periods in Sherman's oeuvre, and opens new possibilities for reading the images. Parallel to the main theme of 'untitled horrors', Cindy Sherman's own involvement in the collages forms a metanarrative that runs through the entire exhibition.

All installation photos by: Vegard Kleven

The exhibition is on display until September 22.

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