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Little Sun – a work of art that works in life. Artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen developed the Little Sun solar-powered lamp to get clean, reliable, affordable light to the 1.6 billion people worldwide without access to electricity.

Little Sun allows people living in these off-grid areas to work, socialise, study, cook, and safely extend their daily activities into the night without using hazardous and carcinogenic kerosene lanterns, a common off-grid light source. In addition, Little Sun saves off-grid users 90% over a three-year period compared to kerosene. Every Little Sun sold makes a difference. Buying a Little Sun lamp at the regular price makes it possible for Little Suns to be sold in off-grid areas at locally affordable prices. Little Sun is now available in our shop. Through the Little Sun project, the museum also supports the distribution of lamps at a local school in Uganda.

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