Daily guided tours all summer!

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Through the whole summer we offer all visitors daily guided tours in Norwegian and English. The tours in English will be at 13:00 every day. The tours focus on the Astrup Fearnley Collection or the temporary exhibition 'Cindy Sherman- Untitled Horrors'.

Education Coordinator at the museum, Ida Sannes Hansen, highly recommends a tour. 

- Contemporary artists emphasizes the idea behind the artwork. A tour will provide a deeper understanding of the thoughts behind for example Jeff Koons' large porcelain statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles, or why Damien Hirst has placed a cow and a calf in a formaldehyde tank, she says.

It is a strong wish to communicate the art to the public, and the museum has emphasised having qualified tour guides and museum hosts available for the audience.

- Our experienced tour guides are engaging and will provide a richer experience of the exhibitions, says Ida Sannes Hansen.

The tours last about 45 minutes. Tickets cost NOK 50, - per person. See weekly schedule of guided tours by clicking here

Read more about our expanded opening hours here.

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