Installation views of 'Imagine Brazil'

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We have posted installation views of the exhibition 'Imagine Brazil '. By scrolling through the pictures you can see some of the artworks and exhibition rooms.

The exhibition's main focus is young Brazilian artists. To put them into context, each one of them were asked to invite an established artist. This has resulted in an exhibition of new artists with a fragmented vision of their backgrounds. The selection shows an original and unique version of Brazilian art history.

The participating artists address themes such as memory and self-reflection, social and political issues such as discrimination, racism, the failure of the modern utopia, urban violence and exploitation of the Amazon rain forest. The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video and music. The audience are presented a political and social consciousness that multiplies on the general idea of ​​Brazil. The artwork is also a great way to learn about Brazilian society, history and culture.

A selection of Brazilian artists' books are exhibited at the mezzanine. Artists’ books are an art form with long history in Brazilian art, where the book as a medium oscillates between the desire to be read and understood, and to be presented as a purely physical and sculptural object.


All photos : Vegard Kleven

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