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“JANUS HØM” is a documentary video about the artist Janus Høm, one of the members of TOVES, who is producing a solo show at 1857 concurrently with the exhibition Europe, Europe at Astrup Fearnley Museet.

In keeping with the genre of artist portraits often accompanying museum shows the video unveils Høm’s process of conceptualising and producing the works for his exhibition. What does it mean to have a conceptual contemporary art practise today?

“JANUS HØM” explores contemporary practice as a collaborative process that de-romanticise the artist subject only to re-romanticise it right back, soaking in the magic of the studio. While reporting from the months of preparations leading up to the opening of the exhibition at 1857 the video also discloses the structure and methods of TOVES itself. 

TOVES is an exhibition space and production unit based in Copenhagen. Experimenting with co-production and merging curatorial and artistic practices TOVES works with the development and organisation of the production and presentation of art.

“JANUS HØM” is a video starring Janus Høm and Honza Hoeck, developed and produced by Simon Damkjær, Hannah Heilmann, Christian Jeppsson and Rasmus Høj Mygind from TOVES.

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