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There are many historical links between abstract art and spirituality, examples being the works of Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Hilma af Klint. An interest in this artistic current forms an important part of Marte Johnslien’s artistic practice and her research on the relation between abstract art, spirituality, politics and social action.

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Johnslien's installation The Paris Abstractions (2015) takes recourse in Isamu Noguchi’s sculptural garden at UNESCO’s campus in Paris. Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) was one of the 20th Century’s most influential artists, having worked with multiple disciplines such as sculpture, design, the performing arts, gardens and architecture.

 The UNESCO’s sculpture garden Jardin de la Paix combines the tradition of Japanese Zen gardens with Noguchi’s abstract formalism, thus uniting modernistic art with Zen Buddhism’s ideas about meditation and UNESCO’s political and social endeavours as an organization promoting peace.

 Use the blue arrows to see how Johnslien worked in this wonderful garden to make her interesting installation the Paris Abrtractions in NN-A NN-A NN-A!

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