Welcome to our new Infolounge!

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In Building 2, The Collection, we have opened an Infolounge. The museum wanted to establish a room where our visitors can sit down during their visit and familiarize themselves with everything the museum has to offer. The lounge is a collaboration between the museum and Montana by KiiL, who have furnished the room with their noteworthy design products and have created both an inspiring and comfortable reading area.

In the lounge, you can see three seating areas that are framed by carpets from Egetepper and furnished with characteristic chairs, tables and sofas from PP Møbler, Onecollection and Erik Jørgensen. Along the walls, you will find unique constellations of Montana’s iconic modules, which through their design and colour, demonstrate how Montana’s original module systems can be combined together in order to create a personal room.

In the Infolounge, you can take a nice break and discover what we have to offer via iPad, exhibition catalogues and web catalogues. Get acquainted with the museum’s collection and exhibition history, watch videos and interviews with artists.


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