I'm going to be a very different kind of star

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“I have a much darker vision than he does. He has this sunshine-y disposition."

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- Author Bret Easton Ellis about artist and collaborator Alex Israel to The Hollywood Reporter.  

With striking quotes like "I'm going to be a very different kind of star" and "If you don't like me unfollow me" over characteristic, colorful images of Los Angeles artist Alex Israel and author Bret Easton Ellis has collaborated in a series of text based paintings, that recently has been on view at Gagosian Beverly Hills.

Alex Israel has put his distinct mark on the international contemporary art scene over the last years with his visual and conceptual interpretation of the city of Los Angeles and the Californian lifestyle. In this collaboration with the well renowned author of American Psycho, their individual and unique visions of the city comes together in large paintings, drawing the attention of both the art world, popular musicians and celebrities. Their eye-catching collaborative efforts also has a presence on the boulevards of Los Angeles with large billboards of the paintings all around the city. The exhibition ended April 23, but a selection of new works from this collaboration will be part of Israel's upcoming exhibition #AlexIsrael at Astrup Fearnley Museet in June 2016.

"It’s supposed to be provocative and have suspense to it. The billboard is dramatic. It’s a statement. I believe it."
- Bret Easton Ellis about the billboards to The Guardian.

Read more about the exhibition and the collaboration between Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis at Gagosian and in The Guardian.

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