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When Matthew Barney visited Oslo this February in regards of the opening of the exhibition Bildungsroman, he met with Tanja Silvestrini and Nathalie Espelund from our youth art club Plot/Oslo, for a video interview about the exhibition. We met up with the two young art enthusiasts to find out what it was like to meet the famous artist and learn a bit more about Plot/Oslo.

You interviewed Matthew Barney, what was it like to meet him in person?
Nathalie: I was a bit nervous  before meeting  him, even though we were told he was a very nice person to talk to. I was so fascinated by how he explained his art, he is very reflective  and I was immediately drawn into his world through listening to him. Even though I was a bit nervous beforehand, I left the interview thinking it was a really cool experience!

Tanja: It was very special to meet him. He works with complicated themes and was very good at presenting what he does in an interesting and understandable way. We could tell he is very aware of what he likes and what he is interested in in his art.

How does Plot/Oslo work with video?
T: For Plot it's always important that we contribute in a way we are comfortable with. We have been talking a lot about how to reach out to people our own age. Video is great for sharing information in a very visual way, so working with film and video was a natural choice for us. This is the third interview we have done with an artist. On our YouTube-channel, Plot TV, you can see all the films from Plot /Oslo's events.

N: There are  about five of us making short films of  different events by Plot/Oslo. In the  longer films, like this one with Barney, we usually work together in pairs. One of us organizes and does the interview while the other  films and edits, and this time it was me interviewing Barney and Tanja filming and doing the editing.

See the interview with Matthew Barney here!

(Plot/Oslo is an art club for everyone between 15 and 25 years. All Plot/Oslo's events are free and it's also free to join the club. Visit their homepage.)  

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