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Soon the exhibition #AlexIsrael comes to an end, and the group exhibition Los Angeles: A Fiction will be installed. It requires a huge team effort when Astrup Fearnley Museet install new exhibitions.

We hear about the artists and their creative processes and we hear about the curators who have researched and put together the exhibition to tell us a story. But what about the physical work that lies behind the finished installed exhibition? Before an exhibition, with its focus on the artists and the artworks opens, there is a demanding installation period of 2-5 weeks where the skills and work effort of our installation team plays a key role at the museum.

An exhibition close and a huge wall is raised to hide the ongoing work for the audience up until the next exhibition. Behind the wall you can soon hear the sounds of hammering, drilling, walls being painted – and, not least, cooperation. Behind the wall, you will find a well-coordinated team of hard workers with different backgrounds and skills. During the installation, they work around the clock in a fine balance between logistics and creative thinking to solve the requirements from artists, curators and the registrar in the best possible way.

Have a look at the photos that gives you an insight behind the scenes with of installation team and their priceless work of installing the exhibitions at Astrup Fearnley Museet!

The Making of #AlexIsrael - from install to opening:

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