Fionn Meade: Re-assembling Editorial Space

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What is nearness? The question remains relevant in responding to the thinning effects of digital fatigue that increasingly condition our time—constantly updated information, the flatness of visual compression and image production, ever widening abstractions of finance, the atomizing nature of networked communication—distanceless aesthetics have indeed come to dominate swaths of contemporary life.

Curator and writer Fionn Meade considers how renewed emphases on editorial sensibility in curatorial and artistic contexts are being shaped and transformed. How are new editorial positions emerging through exhibitions and publishing platforms (digital, print, and broadcast), as well as expressly socialized events that bring talks, screenings, and live events into closer proximity and influence with art production, its reception, and narratives? What are the aesthetic and political potentialities and responsibilities of the editorial, and what makes contemporary art a ready context?

Part of an ongoing inquiry, Meade will explore three terms—raum (German for “room, space, and chamber”), chroniquer (French “to chronicle”), and veshchi (Russian for “object and thing”)—in close contact with three highly relevant formats currently under renewal and re-assembly: the institute, the journal, and artistic research. Specific forums and recent initiatives will be considered in outlining a more spacious and nuanced conceptual framework for the editorial.

Fionn Meade is a curator and writer based in New York. He is currently a faculty member at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, and teaches in the MFA  Program for Visual Arts at Columbia University. His writing appears in Artforum, Bomb Magazine, Mousse Magazine, Spike Quarterly, and Parkett, among other publications, and he was the recipient of an Arts Writer Grant from Creative Capital and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

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