Book presentation and conversation with Torbjørn Rødland

The Kiefer Hallroom, Building 2
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Thursday Events, Artist talk
Torbjorn Rodland comes to Astrup Fearnley Museet to present and discuss his new book Vanilla Partner with the artistic director at Kunsthall Oslo Will Bradley Hall.

The publishers of the book write on their homepage:

"Rødland’s practice navigates through the problematic and seemingly unchanging heart of popular photography. Accepting neither the humanist realism of most photographic portraiture nor the postmodern role-play, Vanilla Partner explores the cultural complexities and archaic foundation of contemporary image-making. Reconstructed scenes of ultrasoft BDSM read like twisted metaphors for photography’s ability to freeze or capture. The book title, dripping in innuendo, also poses a question about the ambiguity of the relationship between the artist and his medium. Is Rødland acknowledging the medium’s straight foundation or does he see himself dominated by it? Many of the images also have explicit political references, often linked to the 1980 US Presidential election. Vanilla Partner brings together works made in Oslo, Tokyo, Beijing and Rødland’s current home, Los Angeles."

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