The eye is being taught in Brazil

5 pm
Main exhibition room, 'Imagine Brazil' exhibition. Building 1.
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Thursday Events
Meetings with Brazilian art and other cultural expressions in images, tones and words. A tale of Harald Flor.

In conjunction with the museum's exhibition ' Imagine Brazil ', Harald Flor will talk about and show examples from the South American enormous country's complex artistic and cultural landscape. Flor worked as art critic at Dagbladet for many years, and reported early from regions that were in the periphery of the Western dominated metropolises. The artistic diversity in Latin America and particularly Brazil was an eye opener for him. This will be stated in his presentation, which he calls "fragments of a picture ". We will both hear about the exhibition participants Cildo Meireles and Tunga from Rio de Janeiro, but also about other famous names like Francisco Brennand from Recife, Goianas artist Siron Franco, Polish Jewish Frans Krajcberg with his ethical ecological perspective and Mussolini fugitive Mira Schendel, who currently is remembered with a strong exhibition in London's Tate Modern.

"A broad palette of Brazilian visual arts ", says Harald Flor.

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