Nasjonale Turistveger (National Tourist Routes)

5 pm
Formidlingsrommet, Building 2: The Collection
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Thursday Events
The tourist attraction National Tourist Routes includes 18 road sections through a varied landscape in Norway. Innovative architecture at viewpoints will facilitate the experience of nature. The art along the routes will convey experiences and surprises. The ambition is that there will be works of art with international quality along 13 of the 18 routes.

On Aurlandsfjellet the work entitled DEN opened in 2012. A den, a bear in hibernation and a bunch of objects constitutes the work created by Mark Dion from the U.S. together with architect Lars Berge for the National Tourist Routes. On Valdresflya, the Swiss artists Fischli & Weiss in 2012 made the work Rock on top of another rock. Steilneset Memorial is a memorial to the victims of the witch burning in Vardø. The monument was opened in 2011 and is a collaboration between the artist Louise Bourgeois and architect Peter Zumthor. Vardø is the place in Norway where the highest number of witches were condemned and burned at the stake. Works are currently being produced at Jæren, Atlanterhavsvegen, Gaularfjellet and Senja.

The work on the tourist routes began in 1994. National Tourist Routes will be marketed as a total attraction and the 18 routes are expected to achieve full-fledged tourist quality by 2020. The curator of the art project, Svein Rønning, will talk about the project. He will show both realized and unrealized projects.

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