Opening of Alternative Space from Paris: Treize

Astrup Fearnley Museet - Building 1
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Treize presents "La solitude", an exhibition with Jean-Marie Appriou, Nina Childress, Mathis Collins, Benjamin Crotty & Nour Mobarak, Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux, Jason Glasser, Sheila Hicks, Matthieu Palud, Nicolas Roggy.


Welcome to the opening of the exhibition Thursday 4 December at 6pm! There is also a launch party for Kunsforums Europe edition at 5pm the same day.


Since the creation of Treize, many meetings have been held. Although usually lengthy, only a few of them enabled us to reach decisions or very clear collective intentions. One point, however, has always found consensus: Treize does not consider itself as a promoting tool for a specific art scene. We would be unable to. If we had to summarize its activity, we would say that Treize is a combination of creative investment at a loss, of structural amateurism and of questioning the responsibility of one form or gesture regarding the context in which it emerges.

In this sense, what firstly interested us in this invitation to take part in the "Europe, Europe" project was to respond by working on the conditions in which a local scene affirms itself. Our initial conversations were held with American artists living in Paris. What does it mean for an artist coming from a territory symbolizing cultural imperialism, to move to a city where Bohemia has become a tourist license, the stereotyped decor of a bygone art scene? The exhibition imperceptibly plays with a certain romantic mythology – in particular with the "American in Paris," put in tension with counterpoints borrowed from the exhibited artists' practice: periphery, exile, and solitude.

Through this exhibition, we also wanted to evoke the community Treize seeks to unite around the projects it organizes. But how does one talk about oneself without falling into self-promotion? We answered this question by deciding to envision this invitation not as a retrospective of our activities but rather as a way to reflect with the artists on the future programming of Treize for the year 2015. A "protospective", in a way. That is to say, an exhibition that wouldn't be conceived as the culmination of something but as a desire and a pledge for future collaborations. Each work in the exhibition announces an event that will occur  in Treize in the upcoming months - which is why some of these works resemble teasers, in an unfinished state, an absence.

Like an umbrella in Paris, Treize is a space that shelters le commissariat, Gallien Déjean, Olga Rozenblum and Fanny Schulmann. Treize never manages to find its collective identity, but this doesn’t matter. Treize permanently tries to reinvent its methods of collaboration, production, diffusion, to link the different activities of the space, and the various skills of its members.

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Treize is supported by "Mairie de Paris"


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