Thursday Event: Peder Lund

Astrup Fearnley Museet - Building 2
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Peder Lund is an Oslo-based art gallery with a focus on international, well-established Modern and Contemporary Art.

The gallery opened in 2009 after a long period of art dealership, working with central Scandinavian and Norwegian public institutions and art collectors. The gallery works in direct collaboration with its exhibited artists, their primary galleries or their Estates in order to present comprehensive and varied exhibitions of high international quality.

Exhibitions include solo- and group exhibitions with artists such as Diane Arbus, Louise Bourgeois, Bruce Conner, William Eggleston, Howard Hodgkin, Robert Irwin, André Kertész, Paul McCarthy, Catherine Opie, David Reed, Ugo Rondinone, Ed Ruscha, Lucas Samaras, Kazuo Shiraga, Shōmei Tōmatsu, Franz West, Terry Winters, Lucas Blalock, Constantin Brâncusi and Jonathan Lasker.

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