Alternative Space from London: Arcadia Missa

Astrup Fearnley Museet - Building 1
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Arcadia Missa has curated a presentation of work by associated artists Harry Sanderson, Hannah Perry and Maja Cule.

The exhibition is open to the public from Thursday November 6th. Sunday November 9th at 3pm there will be an artist talk with Rózsa Farkas from Arcadia Missa and artists Harry Sanderson and Hannah Perry. 

He went into the woods because he said it would help him get real. He'd read about homeless men there, sleeping and shitting and ready to cut you for heat, too elated from the hunts of the last few horned beasts on earth. But really all he worried about was the sense of absolute distance. Being completely unimportant and untouched. MIT's movement amplification scanner intermittently left the city; it was the only other consciousness intimate to him now, closing through the trees for the weekly counts of living bodies. He thought how far he was from camaraderie, from that rough acknowledgment, what you called mate. Foul odours together in the warmth of a pint.

Harry Sanderson (1987, UK) is a London based artist working mainly in digital, video and installation. His main focus is the labour embedded languages of visual cultures. Sanderson graduated from Central Saint Martins school of Art and Design (London) in 2013, and received the Nearnow fellowship, Nottingham, 2014. Recent exhibitions include Human Resolution – (at Arcadia Missa), for PAMI -  September 18th - 23rd 2012, Haptics (Hologram) - installation within Yuri Pattison’s Faraday Cage at SPACE, Hackney, Frieze Projects w/Lucky PDF & Adham Faramawy (2011). Selected residencies include: PRIMACY OF CHANGE at NADINE, Brussels, December 2011.

Hannah Perry (1984, UK) is an artist based between London and Nottingham working mainly in installation, print and video. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2009 and from The Royal Academy of Arts in 2014. Continuously generating and manipulating materials (footage, sound clips, images and objects), Perry develops a sprawling network of references, carefully exploring personal memory in today’s hyper-technological society whilst bending back the systems of representation via hyperactive distribution. Perry is guided by music or speech, repetition, focalization and deceleration, revealing the strength of our personal investment in images of the illusory (youth, power, sex, taste, lifestyle) as well as the prescriptive nature of these desires.

Maja Cule (1984, Croatia) lives in New York. Cule is a producer of imagery; photography and video works are conducted through an editing process, to form narrative. With a continuing thematic of social relations Cule’s practice constructs the scenario from which the image is formed, encompassing both performance and image production. She received critical acclaim with awards, residencies and exhibitions worldwide. Recent exhibitions featuring Maja Cule include Facing The Same Direction (at Arcadia Missa), collaborations with DIS magazine, a performance GIF for, and a performance piece for the Peckham Palazzo, 55th Venice Biennale.

Rózsa Zita Farkas (1987, UK) is a curator interested in bodies through networks.  She is based in London and is the founding director of Arcadia Missa. Farkas has co-curated independent projects including The Posthuman Era Became a Girl, South London Gallery (2014) and Re-Materialising Feminism, ICA and The Showroom (2014), amongst others.  Her writing has been published in Mute Magazine, Eros and DPI Studioxx and she has presented at events for Transmediale ReSource006 and Rhizome. Since 2010 she has guest lectured at University of the Arts, London.

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