Opening of Alternative Space from Brussel: Abilene

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Abilene is a place based in Brussels dedicated to contemporary creation. It is a platform for exchange, interaction and production that wants to enable artists to present their work through exhibitions, performances, publications and concerts.

Abilene presents '666', first solo exhibition of Louis Clais in Norway. The show gathers a cluster of various pieces, most of them have been conceived specially for 'Europe Europe' alternative spaces project. 

Using simple and domestic materials like food, plastic, glue, wood or eggshell, Louis Clais creates different types of pieces and make them work together in the space without hierarchy or particular ratio of power. Decorative objects, sculptures, prototypes, drawings and models are built up like a wild garden where young sprouts and old oak trees would live together. Theses pieces can be called « phases », they are lying fallow, in suspens. These are starting points or stages of an idea, materialized under different forms and finding their final places during the show, in the exhibition place. Louis Clais uses art as a tool to freely transmit ideas touching different areas : cooking, urbanism or decoration. Without being mockering, his mysterious experiments lead to uncertain consequences, often funny and generous, offering different interpretations to the public.

Address: Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo

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