Opening of Alternative Space from Pargue: Etc. Gallery

Astrup Fearnley Museet - Building 1
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Etc. Gallery presents the exhibition You Can't Change The Weather by Aleksandra Vajd and Hynek Alt. Etc. Gallery opened in 2004 as a non-commercial artists’ space. The gallery has focused on exhibiting young artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The exhibition You Can't Change The Weather by Aleksandra Vajd and Hynek Alt was shown at Etc. Gallery in April/May 2011. The subject chosen by the artists reflected their own view of photography, of a site specific, of what an artist can aim and what constitutes for him/her art as such. The statement You Can't Change the Weather was a point of departure for climatic experiments executed inside the gallery. Aleksandra Vajd and Hynek Alt created an imaginary grammar of possible weather situations and weather conditions typical for our region and through this, formed a loose parallel to the utopian attitude of an artist who wants to grasp the surrounding world and its ways. 

Etc. Gallery is interested in theoretical reflections of the exhibited art and organize regular discussions. It is a space of education, of productive confrontation through lectures, seminars and artists’ presentations. The gallery is not only seen as an artists’ laboratory, but also as a space for other activities that can exceed the discipline of visual art and involve other fields of culture, politics, and society.

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