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Astrup Fearnley Museet - Building 1
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Hacienda presents +. A group show with Tina Braegger, Matthias Gabi, Bernhard Hegglin, Miriam Leonardi, Yoan Mudry, Timothy Standring, Constantin Thun and Urban Zellweger.

The show consists of two exhibitions and brings together eight young artists from Switzerland. One part of the exhibition takes place in the context of EUROPE EUROPE at Astrup Fearnley Museum from 22 January until the 1 February. The other part of the exhibition is on view the weekend of 24/25 January at the artist’s run space 1857 which has also been part of the EUROPE EUROPE project. 

For the show at Astrup Fearnley Hacienda asked the artists to produce each one a poster. The posters serve as fictive teasers for the show at 1857. The show at 1857 gathers a cluster of various pieces, which have been conceived for the occasion of the project. The exhibition title „+“ has to be understood as an ironic reference to the rich exhibition history about swiss art at home and abroad (Freie Sicht aufs Mittelmeer, Swiss Made - Präzison und Wahnsinn, Beispiel: Schweiz, Saus und Braus etc.). Art exhibitions on the swiss art scene became a curatorial perennial in recent decades. The ways and forms, by which artistic discourses and art scenes are institutionally represented, labeled and utilized were often criticized - the flyer of the show by Teo Schifferli is a reference to a notorious insert that Niele Toroni did for a catalog about swiss art in the 70ies and 80ies where filled swiss crosses with folkloristic imagery. 

Hacienda is a non-profit exhibition space located in Zurich and is run by Arthur Fink, Fabian Marti and Oskar Weiss. Recent projects include exhibitions with Rainer Ganahl, Liz Craft and Lisa Anne Auerbach, Andreas Dobler and Hannah Weinberger.

SUPERTRUMPF - A Lecture Performance by Matthias Gabi takes place at 6:30 pm.



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