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Astrup Fearnley Museet is proud to present the performance "Ten in a Hat" (1969) by James Lee Byars in collaboration with Peder Lund gallery!


The performance is part of a larger performance program in conjunction with the gallery’s exhibition James Lee Byars: Sphere Is a Sphere Is a Sphere Is a Sphere (19. mars – 11 juni).

“Ten in a Hat” presents ten actors, dressed in black, that are connected by a pink silk headpiece of ten hoods, each linked by a long strip of pink silk. They are maneuvering through the room as one. The focus is directed towards the experience of forced, practical cooperation in a situation where people are depending on each other in order to move around.

Byars insisted that his performances should be regarded as "plays" intimating that his aim was to explore social behavior, when both performers and spectators could be aware of their perceptions and behavior patterns, and also their limitations. The performance “Ten in a Hat” has previous been enacted at MoMA in New York in 2014, and we have now a unique opportunity to experience the performance at the Astrup Fearnley Museum.

James Lee Byars has also been a source of inspiration for later artists such as Matthew Barney. In Barney's latest film, River of Fundament, Barney plays the ghost of James Lee Byars and refers to Byars on several occasions in the film.

* The performance is free with tickets to the museum.


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