Tom Victor Gausdal at Vingen Bar

Vingen Bar
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Welcome to an exclusive night at Vingen Bar with chef Tom Victor Gausdal who will serve his fantastic pinxtos and other culinary treats.

Come early and stay late!

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"guilty pleasures"

Crab, fennel and green chili
Caviar blinis
Beet tartar quail
Avocado tomato sriracha
Filled pettitoes with truffle and thymus
Fois Gras Parfait PX syrup walnut
Comté melba

All courses: NOK 225.-
One course: NOK 35-40.-
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Tom Victor Gausdal is one of the owners of Vingen Bar and an award-winning chef, including silver in the Bocuse d'Or. Tom Victor has started several prestigious restaurants in and around Oslo - among others beach restaurant and at the latest Vingen and Sentralen.

Address: Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo

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