Children's art club

13:30, 14:00 og 15:30
Astrup Fearnley Museet - Building 2
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For kids & teenagers
The children’s art club Rasmus is a free program for children between 5 and 15. It takes place at the museum two Saturdays a month. Artists and museum educators introduce our younger visitors to modern and contemporary art in an accessible and engaging environment. Each session includes guided museum tours followed by hands-on workshops based on the theme of the day.


Please note: all Rasmus programs are conducted in Norwegian.



For centuries artists have used existing images and objects to make their own art. Several of the artists at the museum have made art that is based on others photographs, images and objects. Why does artists do this? What do they wish to tell us by doing this? The Rasmus Club tries to find the answers!

12.30: for ages 5-7 years old
14.00: for ages 8-10 years old
15:30: for ages 11-15 years old

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