Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth: Reading-performance

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Exhibition, Lecture
Each Thursday Astrup Fearnley Museet offers free lectures and presentations featuring experts in their fields. In conjunction with the exhibition "Los Angeles - A Fiction" we have invited Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth, one of the curators of the exhibition.

The lecture will be conducted in English.

Reading-performance: We tell ourselves stories in order to live (Los Angeles: some books and some films)

In the Los Angeles – A Fiction exhibition, the visual and textual narratives go hand in hand. Artist and curator Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth has explored the history and mythology of Los Angeles in a literary collection that is part of the exhibition – a subjective selection of literature written in or about Los Angeles over the last 50 years.

From the 1965 Watts riots (Walter Mosley) to the 1992 South Central protests (Nina Revoyr, Ryan Gattis), from O.J. Simpson (Dominick Dunne) to Sharon Tate (Vincent Bugliosi) and back again, these excerpts are purposefully not in chronological or alphabetical order; their lengths differ from one extract to another, some books are quoted twice and a number or writers appear numerous times. The chosen extracts are organised so that they tell a story that complements the artworks in the exhibition, not only to give a glimpse of the great diversity of subjects prompted by Los Angeles, but also of the sheer number of communities, characters and landscapes that make up the city. Based on the Los Angeles – A Fiction catalogue, Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth's performative reading will attempt to dive into the founding myths of the L.A. fiction industry.

Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth’s artistic approach is the result of years of research mostly devoted to history, fiction and space, a collection of information in which new creations and archives from multiple sources coexist. His work has been presented at La Salle de Bain (Lyon), the Biennale de Lyon at IAC (Villeurbanne), Public Fiction (Los Angeles), the CAPC Museum (Bordeaux) and Southard Reid (London).


The lecture is free and open to the public. Welcome!

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