What is manga and anime? by Hans Ivar Stordal

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Each Thursday Astrup Fearnley Museet offers free lectures and presentations featuring experts in their fields. In conjunction with the exhibition "Murakami by Murakami" we have invited Hans Ivar Stordal to give a lecture about manga and anime, a Japanese popular culture that has had great significance for Takashi Murakami's artistic practice.

The lecture will be conducted in Norwegian.

What is manga and anime?

Welcome to the lecture on Japan’s manga and anime culture, which has been greatly significant in Takashi Murakami's artistic practice.

Japan is world leading in the production and consumption of comics and cartoons – manga and anime. The expressive and drawn stories are contemporary forms of expression, but visually and thematically, this culture is said to originate from earlier Japanese art traditions. Today, the comics is a multibillion-dollar industry and can be regarded as the core of the Japanese popular culture. The characters and the stories often begin as comics in black and white, whilst the colorful and dynamic cartoons have gained an even greater impact in our increasingly screen-based society. How has Japan charmed the world with its drawn stories?

In this lecture, Hans Ivar Stordal will introduce the characteristics of manga and anime. He will also present how these expressions have evolved, and how they differ from their western relations.


Hans Ivar Stordal is a former comics and manga editor at Egmont Serieforlaget with a sustained interest in Japan and Japanese popular culture. He works as a translator, editor, writer and speaker, and serves the assessment committee for comics at the Arts Council in Norway.

The lecture is free and open to the public. Welcome!

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