Ai Weiwei

b. 1957, Beijing, China

Throughout his career, the work of artist and activist Ai Weiwei has centred around issues of human rights, in his native China and beyond....


Cai Guo-Qiang

b. 1957, Quanzhou, Kina

Cai Guo-Qiang was born in Quanzhou in 1957. He studied scenography at the Shanghai Theatre Academy from 1981 to 1985, where he learned about the experimental scenography of the Western world. ...


Cao Fei

b. 1978, Guangzhou, China

Cao Fei was born in Guangzhou in 1978, she lives and works in Beijing. Cao is part of a generation of Chinese artists who explore the far-reaching transformation in urbanisation and commercialisation that their country has undergone in the past few decades. ...


Chu Yun

1977, Jiangxi, China

Chu Yun was born in Jiangxi Province in 1977, he lives and works in Beijing. ...


Hu Xiangqian

b. 1970, Guangdong Province, China

Hu Xiangqian was born in the Guangdong Province in 1983, he lives and works in Beijing....


Duan Jianyu

b. 1970, Henan Province, China

Duan Jianyu was born in the Henan Province in 1970, she lives and works in Guangzhou. ...


Huang Yong Ping

b. 1954, Xiamen, China

Huang Yong Ping was born in Xiamen in 1954, he lives and works in Paris. ...


Kan Xuan

1972, Xuancheng, China

Kan Xuan was born in Xuancheng in 1972. After having lived and worked in Amsterdam, she has been based in Beijing since 2009. ...


Liu Chuang

1978, Hubei, China

Liu Chuang was born in the Hubei Province in 1978, he lives and works in Beijing. ...


Liu Wei

b. 1965, Beijing, China

Liu Wei was born in Beijing in 1972, and he still lives and works there....


Lu Chunsheng

b. 1968, Changchun, China

Lu Chunsheng was born in Changchun in 1968, he lives and works in Shanghai....


MadeIn Company

Established by artist Xu Zhen in 2009.

MadeIn Company was established in 2009 by artist Xu Zhen as an ironic exploration about the art market and the concept of the artistic genius. At the same time as Xu founded MadeIn Company he stopped producing works that were credited to himself personally as an artist, and in 2013 he launched the brand “Xu Zhen”....


Pak Sheung Chuen

1977, Fujian, China

Pak Sheung Chuen was born in the Fujian Province in 1977. His family immigrated to Hong Kong in 1984, and he still lives and works there. ...


Qui Anxiong

b. 1972, Sichuan Province, China

Qiu Anxiong was born in Sichuan Province in 1972, he lives and works in Shanghai. ...


Sun Xun

b. 1980, Fuxin, China

Sun Xun was born in Fuxin in 1980, he lives and works in Beijing. Sun works with a wide range of artistic techniques including woodcuts, ink painting, animation, sculpture, watercolour and film, which he uses in order to explore the complexity of recording history. ...


Xu Zhen

b. 1977, Shanghai, China

Xu Zhen was born in Shanghai in 1977, where he still lives and works. In 2009 Xu relaunched his artistic practice as a corporation named MadeIn Company. ...


Xue Tao

b. 1975, Yunnan Province, China

Xue Tao was born in the Yunnan Province in 1975, he lives and works in Kunming. ...


Yang Fudong

b. 1971, Beijing, China

Yang Fudong was born in Beijing in 1971, he lives and works in Shanghai. Yangs poetic films are characterised by long takes and minimal dialogue. ...


Zhang Ding

b. 1980, Gansu Province, China

Zhang Ding was born in Gansu Province in 1980, he has been living and working in Shanghai since 2004. Zhang moved to Shanghai illegally, and was thus an urban immigrant, a subject he has addressed in his art since early in his career....


Zhang Huan

b. 1965, Anyang, China

Zhang Huan was born in Anyang in 1965, and lived and worked in Beijing before moving to New York in 1998....


Zhou Tao

1976, Changsha, China

Zhou was born in Changsha in 1976, he lives and works in Guangzhou. ...


Zhou Zixi

b. 1970, Jiangxi, China

Zhou Zixi was born in the Jiangxi Province in 1970, he lives and works in Shanghai. Since the beginning of the 2000s Zhou has created realistic paintings addressing both personal experiences and China’s complex history....


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