Lu Chunsheng

b. 1968, Changchun, China

Lu Chunsheng was born in Changchun in 1968, he lives and works in Shanghai.

Lu’s films are characterised by a surrealistic and nostalgic mood, which often takes its point of departure in earlier eras such as the Industrial Revolution and the history of communism. History of Chemistry 2. Excessively Restrained Mountaineering Enthusiasts was made during a study trip to London in 2006, and the film displays many of Lu’s distinctive cinematic features, such as long shots from one viewpoint and a bizarre plot. The film takes us to mysterious places that are dominated by industrial architecture and abandoned factories. The action focuses on the search for the descendant of Jiang Di, who was an astrologist and mathematician in the court of Queen Elizabeth I in the second half of the 1500s. In the film a group of people are searching for Jiang’s descendants by carrying out supernatural actions that make the tide ebb so they can search for him along the shore. According to the artist, the title History of Chemistry can be associated with the historical connection between the alchemists of the ancient East and modern Western chemistry. The film can thus be perceived as a complex narrative in which contradictory concepts such as truth and fiction, West and East and science and beliefs merge with each other.


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