Pak Sheung Chuen

1977, Fujian, China

Pak Sheung Chuen was born in the Fujian Province in 1977. His family immigrated to Hong Kong in 1984, and he still lives and works there.

Pak’s films, photographs and performances can be categorised within a conceptual art tradition, where the artist often works in a documentary manner by means of previously defined concepts and ideas. His works often take the form of notes describing events and experiences. Waiting for a Friend (without Appointment), Complete Version is formed of several conceptual works that relate to the memory and the act of “waiting”. Remember my Entire Friends’ Names consists of an exercise in memory, where the artist has written down all the names of past friends that he could remember. In Waiting for a Friend (without Appointment) the artist went to the Kowloon Tong train station in Hong Kong and waited until someone he knew showed up. The artwork is presented here in the form of a description of the events, with snapshots of the artist and his friend Jackie, who arrived at the station after the artist had waited for four hours. The concept of “waiting” is also explored in the work Waiting for All the People Sleep, where Pak stood outside of a block of flats until all the lights had been turned off. The artworks appears to emphasise how the action of “waiting” enhances our awareness of the concept of “time”, which could also represent a way of counterbalancing the speed and lifestyle of the busy metropolis of Hong Kong.


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