Zhou Tao

1976, Changsha, China

Zhou was born in Changsha in 1976, he lives and works in Guangzhou.

Zhou’s performances and videos often address themes such as the relationship of the body to its environment and the relationship between the village and the metropolis. The boundary between nature and culture is also an area of focus for the artist. This can be seen in the video work Chick Speaks to Duck, Pig Speaks to Dog, where the artist invited farmers from the Guangzhou area to participate in a performance in a public park. In the dark, the artist and the farmers climbed the trees in the park and placed themselves along the branches while they imitated the sounds of their various farm animals. Zhou himself imitated a dog. The men are filmed with an infrared camera, which gives the video a green hue. The video is both surreal and humorous, while at the same time it inspires the viewer to contemplate the increasing gap between urban and rural life in Chinese society.


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