Bret Easton Ellis (b. 1964, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Written by Bret Easton Ellis

The Informers, 1994

One night late in August, on the way to Palm Springs, Jamie tried to light a joint and either lost control of the car because he was speeding or had a blowout and the BMW flew off the freeway and he was killed instantly. Dirk had been following him. They were going to spend the weekend before Labor Day at Jeffrey’s parents’ place in Rancho Mirage and they had left a party we had all been at in Studio City and it was Dirk who had pulled Jamie’s crushed, bloody body from the car and who had waved down some guy who was on his way to Las Vegas to build a tennis court and the guy drove to the nearest hospital and an ambulance arrived seventy minutes later and Dirk had sat there in the desert staring at the dead body. Dirk never spoke about it a lot, just little details he gave us the week after it happened: the way the BMW tumbled, rolled across sand, a smashed cactus, how the upper part of Jamie’s body burst through the windshield, the way Dirk pulled him out, laid him down, looked through Jamie’s pockets for another joint. I have been tempted a lot of times to go out to where it happened and check it out but I don’t go out to Palm Springs anymore because whenever I’m there I feel very wasted and it’s a drag.
(in At The Still Point)


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