Artwork details

Swiss Maid
Acrylic and stucco on panel
213 x 213 x 7 cm
Alex Israel

Astrup Fearnley Collection, Oslo.


Untitled (flat), 2012
The concept of the star permeates Hollywood and it’s also an architectural motif that adorns Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. The red star-shaped panel is part of Alex Israel’s Flats series. The concept of «flats» derives from the film industry, and refers to the type of two-dimensional panels used as backdrops on TV, in films and in the theatre. The design of Israel’s Flats was inspired by door and window motifs of the Spanish colonial style, which was very popular in California during the first few decades of the 20th century and was often used as a backdrop in films made in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Israel describes this style as a purely imaginative design that imitates exotic places, making it an obvious choice in Hollywood’s dream world.


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