Artwork details

Shared Space
Acrylic on canvas
198,1 x 142,2 cm
Brian Calvin

Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech. Photo: Moira Tarmy.


Shared Space, 2016
Brian Calvin represents the further development of the figurative painting tradition from Los Angeles, where David Hockney was a pioneer in portraying the city’s privileged population and lifestyle. Calvin’s paintings depict young people and the California landscape in what he himself describes as “generalised” glimpses of the California coast. The paintings are not portraits of specific people, but the artist often uses the same facial shapes  and motifs as a starting point for painterly exploration, such as in Shared Borders and Shared Space. The artist abstracts the facial shapes into a simplified idiom, while at the same time promoting the contact that can arise between the painting and the viewer. Calvin’s close-ups of faces can thus be perceived as both private and standardised in the sense that they both meet the viewer’s gaze and simultaneously present a perfectly painted surface.


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