Artwork details

Male Mannequin
Mannequin, fiberglass
188 x 55 x 69 cm
Charles Ray

Astrup Fearnley Collection, Oslo.


Male Mannequin, 1990
Charles Ray has been a prominent figure in the L.A. arts community since the 1980s due to his influential work as an artist and professor at UCLA. Ray’s art often explores the role of the body in the medium of sculpture. Male Mannequin is part of a series of mannequin sculptures. The mannequin is a modern idealised version of the body while at the same time it is connected with an interest, which has existed for centuries, in creating realistic representations of the human body. The mannequin appears to be a readymade except for the fact that Ray has appended a cast of his own genitals to it. Manipulating one of the mass-produced objects of the business community, the mannequin, by appending a super-realistic cast of a sex organ has formed the basis for engaging in a critical exploration of the ideals of the American consumer culture.


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