Artwork details

Two Men in a Shower
Oil on canvas
152 x 152 cm
David Hockney

Astrup Fearnley Collection, Oslo.


Two Men in a Shower, 1963
David Hockney holds a key position within the development of pop art in his exploration of motifs from popular culture combined with personal motifs from his own life. British Hockney’s encounter with Los Angeles in 1963 would prove to have a decisive impact on his personal development as a homosexual man in a time of taboos, and on his artistic development as a painter. Hockney’s fascination with the lifestyle and the material and visual culture of Los Angeles – such as the showers, swimming pools, houses and colours – was the source of an artistic production that has, in many ways, produced an image of L.A. in people’s collective memory. Two Men in a Shower was inspired by Hockney’s liberating encounter with Los Angeles, where the interplay between water, the body and architecture became central motifs. Hockney was intrigued by the constant presence of water in the city’s countless sprinklers, pools and showers. His paintings of the people, houses, interiors and swimming pools of Los Angeles established an image of a privileged reality that has had a lasting impact on the general perception of the city’s architecture and lifestyle.


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