Artwork details

Light Body
Hydrostone, aqua-resin, cardboard, tempera
149,9 x 95,3 x 99,1 cm
Hannah Greely

Courtesy of the artist.


Light Body, 2016
Hannah Greely is connected with a group of artists from the West Coast of the USA who studied at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) under sculptor Charles Ray in the early 2000s. Greely often works with surrealistic representations of everyday life through the use of imaginative motifs and a surprising and innovative application of materials. The sculpture Light Body is a material representation of sunlight shining into a room and creating various colour zones. The sculpture thus attempts to produce a physical manifestation of a sensory experience. The artist addresses several essential sculptural problems such as the inner and outer spheres and the contrasts between light and darkness. The work’s literal visualisation of light can be seen in relation to a long art historical tradition in California, where it is precisely the unique light conditions of the area that have been a source of artistic exploration for over a hundred years.


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