Artwork details

It’s like a Jungle
Mixed media
variable dimensions
Henry Taylor

Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles / New York / Tokyo. Photo: Joshua White.


It’s like a Jungle, 2011
The installation It’s Like a Jungle consists of a multitude of materials such as chairs, mops, cinder blocks and canes, each topped with a plastic container painted black. The installation was inspired partly by the artist’s trip to Ethiopia and by a desire to create sculptures from familiar, everyday materials. The black-painted containers resemble raised fists – a recognised symbol of revolutionary groups such as the African American Black Panther movement. This imbues the work with a political sting, and draws attention to significant events in African American history such as the major race riots that have played a role in Los Angeles history, including those in Watts in 1965 and the South Central riots in 1992. The work thus relates a socio-political story about a different side of LA than that we usually see in Hollywood films and TV series.



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