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Remnants of Fucked Up Paintings (I Suppose So)
Acrylic and oil on wood panel
58 x 41,5 x 13,5 cm
John Baldessari

Courtesy of the Artist and Meliksetian | Briggs, Los Angeles.


Remnants of Fucked Up Paintings (I Suppose So), 2016 av Meg Cranston & John Baldessari
Remnants of Fucked Up Paintings (I Suppose So) is a collaboration between two prominent figures in California art history who have explored the language and limits of the painting from a conceptual point of view. The work consists of remnants of eight paintings that Meg Cranston and John Baldessari worked on together in 2015, which were damaged during transport. The artists asked the insurance company if they could have what was left of the ruined paintings in order to use them in a new conceptual artwork. In changing the status of the destroyed artworks from art to rubbish and back to art again, the artists are probing the role of chance in art. The work can also be perceived as a commentary on John Baldessari’s The Cremation Project (1970), where he cremated all of his paintings from the period 1953-1966. This work points to a change in Baldessari’s painterly practice in which he abandons abstract expressionism in favour of a more conceptually oriented art.


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