Artwork details

Landscape Pot with Flower Chair
Oil and acrylic on canvas
299,7 x 236,2 x 3,8 cm
Jonas Wood

Courtesy of the artist and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles.


Landscape Pot With Flower Chair
Jonas Wood’s figurative paintings portray an intimate sphere of middle-class interiors, and address class, taste and personal history. His paintings can be viewed as an extension of David Hockney’s paintings of the city’s inhabitants, houses, interiors and swimming pools. Wood’s motifs are also drawn from the personal sphere, and have a simplified style that focuses on ornaments and patterns. The artist derives his motifs from a variety of sources, including popular culture, sports, art history and personal recollections, and his works can be viewed as a sort of visual diary of his interests, which range from the French Open tennis tournament to Pablo Picasso. Photographs form the basis of most of Wood’s paintings, which are assembled into new compositions, or into what the artist himself calls a "new memory".


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