Artwork details

Resuscitated Crib
Silicone, pigment, hair and fiberglass
135,9 x 73,7 x 14 cm
Kaari Upson

© Kaari Upson. Courtesy Sprüth Magers. Photo: Joshua White.


Resuscitated Crib, 2016
The point of departure for Kaari Upson’s work is the domestic sphere combined with a powerful psychological sting. Several of the items appear to be shabby and mislaid objects, but they are not readymades. The sculptures are based on casts made in experimental materials such as plastic, steel, concrete and silicone. Resuscitated Crib derives from a mattress that the artist found on a Los Angeles street and that she cast in silicone, hair and fiberglass. A mattress is an intimate object that is closely connected with its owner’s body, a fact that is emphasised by the pigments that are smeared into the surface and that can evoke associations with bodily fluids and dirt. The three doors in the work Hallway have lost their original function as portals and instead emerge as ghost-like reproductions of doors that once existed. The surfaces of the doors bulge and hang like aging skin that is covered with pigments in hues of purple and blue. Like the mattresses, the doors are ruins of what was once part of a home.


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