Artwork details

Figure 1
Cut glass bowls, candles, wood, paint, pigmented liquid urethane plastic
83,8 x 61 x 121,9 cm
Kelly Akashi

Courtesy of the artist and Ghebaly Gallery,Los Angeles. Photo: Jeff McLane.


Figure 1
Kelly Akashi’s sculptures alternate between the familiar and the alien in her surrealistic tableaux, which are constructed from everyday objects such as candles, sex toys, candlesticks, glass jars and shelving. Process and form are crucial points of departure for the artist, who explores the properties of materials by reworking and manipulating objects and exposing them to heat until they are virtually unrecognisable. The body itself plays a key role in Akashi’s processing of several of the materials, such as candles that are heated and shaped by the artist’s own body in an arduous process. In Figure 1, recognisable materials such as wax and glass appear to be in a process of metamorphosis in which they resemble living beings. The work is simultaneously attractive and repellent, and evokes associations with intestines, sexual organs or internal bacteria. Akashi’s sculptures address different levels of desire at which the body-like everyday objects can also be viewed as a commentary on consumer culture’s craving for products.


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