Artwork details

Foundation Studies
2007 - 2016
Glass, plaster, basement soil, MDF, brass
38,1 x 48,3 x 25,4 cm
Kelly Akashi

Courtesy of the artist and Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles. Photo: Swan Moon.


Foundation Studies
In Kelly Akashi’s surrealistic sculptures, the body and process are in focus. Foundation Studies depicts a shelf upon which a jar of soil is placed beside a handmade glass sex toy which is decorated with blue pigments rotating downward in spirals. The work has a personal dimension in that the soil in the jar was taken from the basement of a building where Akashi lived in 2007. A friend of the artist performed a sound piece in the basement, and they both kept a jar of soil taken from the earthen floor of the cellar. The soil contained debris from the performance, such as liquids and fragments of objects that belonged to both artists. For Akashi, the soil in the jar symbolises both this performance and their long-lasting friendship.


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