Artwork details

Oil, silkscreen inks, Flashe, charcoal, acrylic and gesso on linen
350,5 x 264,2 cm
Laura Owens

Astrup Fearnley Collection, Oslo.


Untitled, 2015
The conceptual paintings of Laura Owens can be seen in connection with a West-Coast-based painting tradition in which John Baldessari’s experimental combinations of text and image are trendsetting. Owens’s painterly collages are built up from a multitude of references that are transferred to a silk-screen print that is, in turn, painted. When Owens renovated her home she found newspaper pages from the year the house was built, 1942, hidden in the walls. She became intrigued by the news and advertisements in the newspaper, which was from the months following the attack on Pearl Harbor. These newspaper pages formed the basis of a series of paintings to which Untitled belongs, in which the newspaper pages were scanned and juxtaposed in Photoshop with both older and newer magazines and newspapers to form collages. These were then silk-screened on canvas, after which Owens provided additional painting. When examined closely it can be seen that the canvas consists of both real and printed brushstrokes. The result is a sort of painterly time machine where Owens explores the boundaries between image, text and painting.


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