Artwork details

Grid 2
Acrylic on canvas
91,5 x 61 cm
Meg Cranston

Courtesy of the Artist and Meliksetian | Briggs, Los Angeles.


Grid 2, 2016
Meg Cranston’s paintings are based on a range of conceptual approaches that have helped to shape her creative process. She thus joins a long tradition in LA’s art history in which artists such as John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha have pursued a conceptual approach in exploring the painting. At first glance Cranston’s paintings resemble modernist images of grids or abstract colour zones. In contrast to the formal approach of modernism, Cranston’s approach demonstrates an interest in word play and references that are instrumental in defining the expression of the painting. The grid paintings were inspired by graph paper, a tool that can serve as the basis for a number of innovations and ideas. While the artist was painting these she listened to a variety of audiobooks in order to ascertain whether the moods of the stories would influence her mode of expression in the otherwise standardised format. Several of Cranston’s 2016 works are painted in shades of blue and pink that were derived directly from the “Colour of the Year 2016” by Pantone, who are known for their colour reference system. In choosing a commercial colour range Cranston is breaking away from the idea of the choice of colour as constituting part of an artist’s form of expression. 


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