Artwork details

Mixed media sculpture
259,1 x 217,2 x 71 cm
Ryan Trecartin og Lizzie Fitch

Astrup Fearnley Collection, Oslo.


Cafe, 2015
Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin have collaborated since 2001 in a variety of artistic approaches such as video, sculpture, sound and installations in works that provide a commentary on our new media reality. Their art is often defined as “Post-Internet” art that explores self-staging and the impact of digital media on gender, identity and personal relationships. The two artists often work with a combination of video and installations in what they call “sculptural theatre”, an extension of the scenography and the chaotic atmosphere of their video works. This chaotic aesthetic also marks the sculptural works of the artist duo, such as here in Cafe. The sculpture is a cacophony of different items, where among other things a human-shaped grappling dummy has been emptied of its contents and lies on a chair like a hide. The tableau is constructed from a variety of objects including a nylon net bag, burlap sacks, pieces of cement, fake fruits and plants, and a tin “Cafe” sign. In the same manner as an Internet search, Fitch and Trecartin convey an enormous amount of information that can seem more overwhelming than informative.


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