Artwork details

Missing Pieces from a Fall of Corners #2
2015 - 2016
Rmax, foam, plastic
241 x 241 x 114 cm
Samara Golden

Courtesy of Craig and Lynn Jacobson. Photo: Night Gallery.


Missing Pieces from A Fall of Corners #2
Samara Golden’s installations appear to stem from the world of film and scenography, where furniture, everyday objects, videos, texts and lighting are staged to become surrealistic environments with a point of departure in private or semi-public interiors. Missing Pieces from a Fall of Corners #2 depicts a formally set table that looks as though it comes from a wedding. The plates and leftover food are all meticulously crafted sculptures that are both hyperrealistic in their richness of detail and, at the same time, artificial in their use of colour. By placing the table on the wall, the artist is abandoning gravity and our understanding of what is physically possible. The work originates from an exhibition where Golden recreated an environment consisting of a living room, a buffet restaurant and a formally set table that covered the walls and ceiling. Golden’s installations break away from the linear perspective of art history and, literally, turn the home’s interior upside down. The concept of another dimension in an “upside down world” is found in the worlds of literature and film, and is perhaps most famously addressed in the story Alice in Wonderland. The familiar room is transformed into something alien by Golden, which looks like a backdrop from a fantasy film.


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